Light Social Welfare Trust
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Welcome To Light Social Welfare Trust, Arumuganeri

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Service to GOD

“What help one does to a humble needy one that is a service done to God Himself.”
Once when I happened to pass through a street in a village I saw an elderly woman aged around eighty five. She was extending her hand for charity. I could feel from her face that she was very hungry. I gave her little money what I had.

But something was harrowing in my mind the whole day. I helped her one time. But who would help her next time? What she will do for the next meal?....Next Day? I was very much distressed. Where she will go? Where will she stay? What she will do for food. What about an honorable living for the people like her?

This has led me to start a home for this old age people who are strewed, so that they can lead honorable life. Having food to eat, a place to stay & clean dresses to wear.

In this juncture I had purchased a house in the year 2008 in a village called Kuranganthattu situated in the main highway of Tiruchendur to Tirunelveli located at Nallore Panchayat Tiruchendur Taluk, Tuticorin District, Tamilnadu. Initially it was started with 8 old people; a cook was employed for their food, an attendee to attend their need. Now, in this old home shifted to 7 South Subramaniapuram, Arumuganeri. There are fifteen people they are well looked after and they are leading an honorable life.

In this connection A Trust was formed in the year 21st April 2008 in the name of "Light Social Welfare Trust” registered with the Government of Tamilnadu to run old age home abiding with the rules and regulations of Government. Audited account is being submitted every year. We got the permission of u/s 80G of the I.T Act.